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About Us


Vanessa Bartko Huynh’s unique aesthetic stems from the anything‐but‐ordinary life she’s lived thus far. American born, Bartko Huynh spent the majority of her childhood in London. After earning a degree in interior design and working for a boutique architecture firm she found her niche as a handbag and accessories designer for big brands Banana Republic and Michael Kors. Motherhood inspired a search for stylish, youthful bedding and a passion for organic cotton fabrics. Interior design, the runway and parenthood culminated in the launch of Honeyami in 2009.

Married to a Vietnamese American, Bartko Huynh and her husband raise their two boys in New York. Honeyami is a moniker with pays tribute to her married surname ‐ the American pronunciation of Huynh is like the ‘hon’ in honey which has also been the nickname for her husband and boys. It is also a madeup word, unique to her brand and a perfect fit for Honeyami’s one‐of‐a‐kind memorable designs. Honeyami creates organic cotton bedding for the style‐conscious home that nurtures a child’s creative, playful spirit.

Contact us at info@honeyami.com or T.917.453.8097.